On This Day

My short story Trojan was published on 21st June 2012 in On This Day, an anthology of short stories. The kindle version will be out in July – date to follow.

Stories had to be linked to a “world stopping event” for the competition. The event was to be the backdrop for the story. Trojan takes place during the London bombings on 07/07/2005.


The blast brought clarity to her thoughts. She was no soldier but every day of her life was a fight without hope of defeating the enemy… today fate presented her with the opportunity to win the war. In that moment of truth Meg took her moment to live.

Hastily she left Market Crescent and returned to the scene of the explosion. Traffic was at a standstill, a broken bus was the centre of activity, its roof peeled off and back end open. A fine layer of dust covered everything and the paper that had been flying around before, now lay on the ground. The screaming she had ignored ten minutes earlier was replaced by the wailing sound of sirens. She saw two blood soaked bodies crumpled on the pavement. She ought to help. It would be the right thing to do… that’s what people did when others were in need. Meg shakily picked her way through the rubble. Her right ankle went over as she trod on a broken wing mirror and she grabbed a metal railing to steady herself. The reality of it hit her. With blood on her hands she could not deny what she had done.


If you want to read more of Trojan and the other stories order your copy by clicking on the book cover below:

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