Submissions – Highs and Lows

Blood Rain submission sent. Out of three: two standard rejections and wait for it, one request for the full manuscript as the agent’s ‘very intrigued by the story and looking forward to reading it.’

Following the obligatory cartwheels – after all only approx 5% of submissions get a request for the full manuscript – I send off Blood Rain. Word of advice check it before sending; finding errors after, however minor, is not good for the nerves!

While remembering only 1% of requested manuscripts are successful in landing an agent I’ve been enjoying the positives of getting to the next stage. Someone has taken note, someone thinks my writing’s good enough, there’s hope.

Okay this week that hope fades for a few minutes as the top agent emails and says ‘I very much enjoyed reading your work however…’ I’ve decided to see this rejection as a positive; she enjoyed reading it and didn’t need to say that. Don’t tell me otherwise 😉

So as Ben Howard would say ‘keep your head up, keep your heart strong’ – now where did I put my copy of Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2013?

2 thoughts on “Submissions – Highs and Lows

  1. “She enjoyed reading it”. AND, now she knows your name. Somewhere in her head she has stored your name as a good writer with an interesting story. She enjoyed reading it…fabulous words, encouraging words. A door has been opened, if only a crack…and you’ve got your foot in that crack. Go you!


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