Bridge House Book Launch

On Saturday, courtesy of my chauffeur (husband) I made it to Bridge House’s launch of Snowflakes and Cafe Lit anthologies not far from Leicester Square in Waxy O’Connors. Such a cool place. Should’ve worn a cloak!

Waxy O'Connor's

While my husband and son hung out in London my daughter and I had an interesting afternoon chatting with the other writers, listening to readings and finally meeting Debz, my wonderful editor! Her critique of my early novel writing was and still is invaluable. I’ve learnt so much from her.


Me & Debz

Sometime during the afternoon her handbag was stolen right from under our noses. Amazingly she didn’t let it ruin her day. Check out her post about the day here: When Writers Meet

5 thoughts on “Bridge House Book Launch

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  2. That is the most fabulous pub I’ve ever seen, and yes, you should have had a cloak! Was that Hagrid in the corner? I’m so glad you had a wonderful book launch and congratulations to you and the other authors. I’ve read many of the stories in “Snowflakes” and they are all interesting and well done(but I like “Murmuration” the best). I’m so sorry Debz handbag was stolen though!

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