The Night Manager

After a wonderful and relaxing Easter with family I have finally caught up with The Night Manager. What decadence to be watching television by myself on a Tuesday morning. Sitting on the sofa’s edge with coffee and chocolate in hand while the nail biting finale unfolds.

Hooked from the start by Tom Hiddleston his Jonathan Pine has been a perfect blend of geniality, ruthlessness and smolder. Oh and nakedness. An audition for James Bond some have said. I’m not a fan of the whole 007 franchise however if he or Idris Elba make the cut then you can count me in!

Hugh Laurie is ideally cast as the baddie. I saw him first! In my novel Blood Rain I envisaged him playing the main antagonist.

But as amazing as these actors are it is the women who stand out. Roper’s girlfriend has me wishing I was statuesque and willowy, floating braless in beautifully draped dresses and bejewelled sandals.  Much more than an adornment Elizabeth Debicki plays Jed in an understated way and a pregnant Olivia Coleman as Angela Burr, as always, is a class act. The way she delivers her lines is perfection. Discombobulated, ha!

As much as I want more I hope they don’t give us another series. I’m content that Roper gets what’s due to him, Jed goes home to her son and Pine and Burr get closure. Great adaptation of le Carré’s novel. Thanks BBC!



3 thoughts on “The Night Manager

  1. Olivia Coleman could play Bond..or if not Bond then “M” to either Edris’ or Hiddle’s Bond…but..someone somewhere should give her a show where she is the quietly understated badass. The highest praise I can give her is…”she could teach in Cleveland”. Oh Tom…..oh Tom…eyes, smile, voice, walk, all the close-ups of his eyelashes!!!…I’ll stop there…and Hugh…and the lovely way the baddy was dealt with…and Olivia…just letting it happen. I, like you, would also love to be tall and willowy and tough…and move gracefully through expensive casinos…but..I know I would …deep down inside…rather be Angela…’cept I might have shot the baddy a bit higher(just to make sure he couldn’t possibly follow me). How lovely that you got to enjoy Tom, er…the Night Manager in such a peaceful way.

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    • Yes Olivia would be great in show like that however she’s never short of work – everything she does is brilliant. It was a very British shooting wasn’t it! Oh Angela was amazing – I wouldn’t have the commitment to be like her though.
      The camera certainly loves Tom 🙂

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